Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Paleo Picnic

The sun is shining today and after the last few hellish weeks, we needed to get outside. (post coming soon about the last few weeks). It was a perfect day for a little picnic and while little miss baby pants snoozed inside, the boys and I spread out a blanket and ate in the yard. 

We veered off course for paleo eating when I was pregnant and have been slowly getting back on track. The boys are grumbling and complaining a bit about the lack of grain, mainly in the form of crackers and cookies, but they're adjusting pretty well. I notice something when we follow a paleo eating plan. My kids eat better, gain weight, and have better behavior. 
 So what does one feed kids on a paleo diet? This was their picnic lunch today :
  • Almond Butter mixed with coconut oil and a bit of honey, served on apple rings.
  • Sliced green peppers
  • raisens
  • avocado chunks
  • coconut chips from Trader Joes (not perfectly paleo, since there is a bit of cane sugar)
And guess what, they loved it! I normally have a lot more protein in their meals, but I seriously need to hit up the grocery store, so I made due with what we had in the fridge. Oh and did you notice,  poor Mr. B Bear (Who is nearly 6 by the way!) has a big ole' goose egg on his forehead! Poor kid ran right into a fence post at school today. He got to visit the nurses office and everything.

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