Thursday, 6 June 2013

The End of Preschool and Easy Teacher Gifts

The preschool era has come to an end of B Bear. I'm way more emotional about this than I thought I would be. My little boy is no longer a preschooler. That time is over. He's a big boy now.

He had a wonderful teacher this year, and we just love her. He's learned so much and is even reading! He made a best bud this year and the two are pretty much inseparable. He even has a graduation ceremony this evening and I fear that, silly as it may be, I will shed some tears.

We put together teacher gifts earlier this week to thank the wonderful ladies that have worked with my boys this year. We are on a fairly tight budget so I wanted to keep the price low, but still put together something really nice. I browsed pinterest for some cute ideas and I learned two things.

1) Anything made out of school supplies is lame. I'm sorry folks, but these ladies spend all year picking up broken pencils and chewed up crayons. Do they really want more? Yes, the bouquets made from school supplies are cute, but is it really for them? Sure a picture frame made of pencils is cute, but if you got one, what would you do with it?
2) Candy with cheesy sayings is also lame. Really...a bag of smarties and note that says "Thanks for making me a smartie"? Really? This person put up with your little one's snotty nose, unruly behavior, and crazy preschooler antics, and you are going to thank them with a pack of smarties. Which, are by the way nobody's favorite candy.

I did see a bunch of awesome ideas on pinterest too, and here is what I came up with. I call it, Summer in a Cup.:

I took a trip to Target and found some cute little reusable cups and filled it up with some great summer things.
Nail Polish: .94
Crystal Light: 1.99   (for the record I know this is  "green". But I know that lot's of people love it)
Sunscreen: 1.99
EOS lip balm: 2.99
Zinnia Seeds: 1.69 (Zinnias just scream summer to me. They are super easy to grow too!)
Total spent: 14.59

I'm pretty darn happy with how these turned out. They are practical and fun! Everything in it is useful and the boys had fun helping me pick out the items and then stuff them in the cups. Easy peasy and better than a pack of pencils!


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