Friday, 7 June 2013

College, and Preschool, and Chickens, OH MY!

My blog has been so neglected over that past year. I thought I’d give y’all a little update.

The biggest thing for us is that I’ve gone back to school. Let me tell ya folks, this was SOOOO much easier before I had kids. I already have an AA, and far too many credits, but I’m back finishing up a few pre-reqs for nursing school. I’m hoping to get into nursing school in spring or fall of 2014. This has been a huge challenge for us to work around. Finding good times to take classes and finding time to study has been an adjustment for everyone. I went back to work as a midwives assistant and I’m loving the experience more than I can put into words. I am so privileged to be a part of so many births. I’m still growing my doula business as well. My crochet shop is still up and running. I had intended to have many patterns released by now, but I’ve been having trouble making that happen. Let’s see if I can manage it this summer. I’m eating Paleo now, and am working on transitioning our whole family to a primal diet.

In other news, all three of the boys were in preschool this year. I had fully intended to keep up with tot-school at home. It just wasn’t happening when I was struggling to find time to study myself. Having them out of the house every day help me with my courses tremendously. B and A went to the same school and we couldn’t be happier with it. L joined the autism preschool through our school district. I cannot believe how good it has been for him.

L is now 3 and a half and is making progress in leaps and bounds. Sometimes we regress and have to start over. When I look back at where he was a year ago, and little he talked, I am amazed by the change. The child is definitely verbal. He is eating a bigger variety now then ever before, although his diet still consists mainly of cheerios. L loves Angry Birds, and would be happy to only discuss that for days. He has a special bond with our chickens, and has named three of them. We certainly have our bad days, but overall he is happy little boy.

B turned 5 recently and is so very smart. He is already reading. I love this and he reads to his brothers. His current favorite books are “The Pigeon” series by Mo Willems. They are hilarious. He also just had his preschool graduation and is off to kindergarten next year. I can’t believe how time flies. He learned how to ride a bike this year. He is also a big helper with the chickens and loves collecting eggs every day. He still LOVES trains and says that he will be a train engineer when he grows up.

A is also 3 and a half and is such a funny kid. He cracks me up like none other. His dimples and smile brighten everyone’s day. He is very connected to our dog, Oscar and loves to give him snuggles. He loves superheroes and favors Captain America. He is still my snuggle baby. He is very shy and quiet when he is around a lot of people. Boy, does this child eat. He is always eating, and he eats everything! I’m thankful to not have picky eaters. His current favorite food is sauerkraut, and he will eat a cup at a time, on it’s own if you let him.

As for the animals, they are fabulous. Mr. Oscar is getting older and lounges for most of the day. The chickens have a coop and a run now and are the best birds a girl could wish for. We added bantees to the mix this year and they are the teensiest and cutest little things.
Now that it’s summer I hope to have the time to write more. I’m looking forward to sharing some Paleo tips, chicken tips, art projects, crochet patterns, and much more. Stay tuned!




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