Thursday, 10 May 2012

Project Lunch Week 3: Rice and Bean Wraps

This week, I have done a much better job at not only eating lunch every day, but also at making better choices. To save time, I made a big batch of Healthful Mamas rice and beans. Yesterday I ate just that, with a banana on the side. It was super simple and super yummy! Today, I used the rice and beans in a yummy wrap. It was super yummy and I'll have it again soon.

  • Healthful Mamas rice and beans
  • Tortilla. Please use a fabulous whole grain, HFC free tortilla. I used a plain white tortilla because it's all I had. White flour is really not good for you, so opt for the whole wheat. 
  •  Sliced cabbage. If you're me, just use a couple handfuls of coleslaw mix. (Yes, I am that lazy sometimes.)
  • Cojita, crumbled. If you're not familiar with this cheese, it's time to get to know it. I'm convinced that cojita is indeed the cheese of the gods. It's saltiness resembles feta, with a mozzarella like flavor. Yum!
  • Tapatio! (or whatever hot sauce you prefer)
  • Lime
Warm your tortilla in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Top tortilla with cabbage and rice and beans. Sprinkle cojita over it and top with tapatio and lime juice to taste. Enjoy!

Easy-Peasy. Filling. Healthy. My kind of meal.

Thank-you to my friend Gretchen over at healthful mama for blogging your rice and beans recipe! It's going to be one of go-to recipes now too!


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