Friday, 13 April 2012

Hunting Bugs

Hunting bugs is one of my go-to preschooler boredom busters. This little game keeps the little ones busy for a long time. Mine keep hunting until I'm tired of hiding them, and then they start hiding them for each other.

All you'll need is some plastic bugs (these bugs are cute), jars (we used old peanut butter jars...reuse y'all!), and if you're a bit fancy, some pipe cleaner magnifying glasses.

Send your kids to a different room and hide the bugs. Here's a hint: count as you go. This prevents forgotten bugs that pop in awesome places like your shoe or in a book, to scare the living daylight out of you later.

L particularly likes this hunting bugs. Anything that becomes a task and is a little repetitive is a hit with him. It's a bit of a task to find activities that all the boys can enjoy together. L is very particular and has to have things a certain way. When things don't go his way, he becomes very aggressive. One of our big ASD (aka autism spectrum disorder) struggles right now is the aggression and total lack of understanding that other people don't like it. This activity was really good for him and he actually was very cooperative and kind to his brothers. The only thing that caused a small problem, was that L wanted to have ALL the bugs. Eventually that worked out because his brothers lost interest much sooner than he did, and they ended up hiding bugs for L.

Happy Bug Hunting!


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