Friday, 6 January 2012

A Bundle of Nerves

After more than six months of waiting, we finally got in, and will be taking sweet little L for his official autism assessment appointment in just a few days.

I'm so nervous about it that I could just scream. The last year has put us through all sorts of things from twice weekly therapy to an EEG. He has shown so much progress with the early intervention that we have made such a priority lately. All along this appointment has been what we have been waiting and hoping for.

Now that the appointment is here, I'm so worried that it will not go as we expected. They will tell me that he is one smart little man, a hilarious little firecracker, with his own way of doing things. Maybe they'll laugh at us for thinking anything was off, after all, every child is different. They'll tell us that we've wasted their time and that there are kids with real problems waiting to get it.

I know I'm probably nuts. I know this little guy so well. I know he has something special going on, that needs extra special attention. If it's not autism, I don't know where that leaves us. Deep down I know how this will probably go. I just need a giant chill pill. Deep breathes, mama.


  1. Love you, Jennifer!

  2. Just think... the fact that you are worried they will see nothing just goes to show what tremendous progress you all have made this year!!! Remember that autism is a spectrum. But this eval should at least give some answers. If nothing else than to reassure you that you're on the right path. Anyone who knows this child well can see a huge change in him this past year! You're doing a great job!


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