Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Big Old Stocking Stuffers List for the Kiddos

Last December I was out and about shopping for stocking stuffers at our local Walmart (gasp!). I went down the Christmas isles picking out things like M&Ms in a tube, and I realised that the entire aisle was full of a)things that are totally processed and completely unhealthy, b) plastic craptastic toys (sorry ma') that are only going to last a day or two before they are toast, and c)excess packaging that creates even more waste.

So I went home and vented to my husband and we came up with a plan to keep us out of those isles and from buying things that will be in the trash within a week. Here was our oh-so-complicated-plan: Buy handmade. That's it. After all, these stocking are from Santa after all, and I've never heard of a Walmart on the North Pole. Aren't all his toys and goodies made by elves?

It does take a little bit of planning ahead of time, but if you hit up some local bazaars, small boutiques that offer local goods, and etsy, you should have no problem putting together an awesome stocking. Now, I'm not perfect at sticking to this plan. We always put a couple of things in every year that are store bought, like a toothbrush. Here is the list I made up of stocking stuffers for little ones. A post full of mama and daddy stocking stuffers will follow in the next few days. Enjoy!

  1. An Orange (Why the heck not!? There was always one in my stocking. Economical, Green, and a great space filler)
  2. Play dough (I ordered some from this etsy seller: Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay)
  3. A Book (store bought, but you could always go used on this one!)
  4. Crayons (even better, go for some cool shaped recycled ones like these)
  5. A harmonica/ maracas/ whistle (probably store bought on this one too, but you could always check and see if you have a small local shop that could help you out)
  6. Wooden car/ Train car (I've seen these at every bazaar I've been to this year)
  7. Socks! (you could try and find some cute hand knitted ones, or hand dyed ones)
  8. A Hat or mittens (again look local or on etsy, you could even support my shop)
  9. Bath Toys (probably back to the store for this one too, Green Toys does have some fun ones as well)
  10. Bubble Bath/Bath Bomb/Soap (these are super duper cute)
  11. An ornament (check etsy!)
  12. Cup or mug (like this one)
  13. Hot coco mix
  14. Playsilks
  15. T-Shirt (again, there are some great choices on etsy)
  16. Bean Bags (heck, you could even make these your self)
  17. A hair bow/clip for the girlies 
  18. Felt/Crocheted play food
  19. I spy bag (I like this shop)
  20. Kaleidoscope
  21. Card games (such as Old Maid, or Go Fish)
  22. Small Puzzle (search etsy for wooden puzzles)
  23. Rubber Stamps 
  24. Toothbrush (my kids get a fun one every year)
  25. YoYo
  26. Stickers
  27. Magnetic numbers or letters
  28. Finger/Hand puppets
  29. Small stuffed animal or doll (Etsy baby!)
  30. Undies or a Cloth Diaper (bam! Etsy again
 Check out my Etsy treasury for kids stocking stuffers.

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