Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tot School Thursday: Counting Eggs


   Last weekend I made these little counting eggs for B Bear to help teach him number recognition and order. I found this idea on Counting Coconuts, but instead of using fabric paint, I decided to embroider the numbers on the felt.

   B has played with them a little bit, but surprisingly L is completely captivated by them. I introduced the eggs to the twins while B was out at his grammie and papas house. L and A poked at them a bit and A quickly lost attention. As soon as A was off doing something else, L swooped in, grabbed the little bucket and took it to a quiet spot where he could play alone.

    He spent over a half an hour dumping the bucket and then putting them all back in. After that half hour, I sat down with him and he would hand me one egg and wait for me to say, "That's an eight!". Then he would smile and hand me another one.

    I've left the bucket of eggs out for a few days now, and my little man keeps going back to them, over and over again. I guess the time it took me to cut felt and embroider numbers, was time well spent! I only made the numbers 1-10, but I think I'm going to make 11 and 12, because the little bit of OCD in me is really irritated with ten eggs, since we all know eggs come in dozens.

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