Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I'm Back!!!! (and catching up with winners)

Wow...not having a computer for a few weeks was really sucky. I did teach myself to knit in the meantime, so that's something! Now, I'm not saying I'm good at it,(note the twisted stitches and added stitches) but it's a start, right? Now I'm trying to decide on my next project. I'm super in love with the Hudson Hat, but not sure that I can handle it just yet.
In other news, we had mass amounts of snow. Well, mass amounts for our area anyway. B Bear had some fun playing in it, but is very tired of it now and wants it to go away so he can go to the playground.

And, I'm catching up with all of the giveaways that have ended recently, and will be emailing the three lucky winners shortly!


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