Thursday, 16 December 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby Review

This morning I give myself a little pat on the back for nursing the twins for 13 month and counting. It seems to be going downhill lately as their diet revolves more and more around table foods and we continue to struggle with L's low weight and high calorie diet. I'm not ready to call it quits just yet, and neither is A. L has pretty much lost interest, but A still nurses for one or two mini-sessions daily. I know my supply is very low and I'm just hanging on to breast feeding by a thread.

Earth Mama Angel Baby was kind enough to send me their Organic Milkmaid Tea to help boost my supply. I've tried basically every lactation tea that you can buy and this is by far the best! I definitely notice an increase in supply after I drink a few cups. I've had a few days when I thought it would be our last day of nursing, just because my supply is just so low. On those days I make sure to drink a few cups of Milkmaid Tea, and it has saved me so far. Another thing that I love about EMAB Milkmaid Tea is that the flavor is more mild that other varieties. In all of the other teas that I've tried, I've noticed that the anise is almost overpowering. If your not familiar with anise, it tastes like black licorice and isn't my cup of tea. (bwah ha ha). EMAB is much better than the others and is what I will use for now on.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has so much more to offer. If you are like me, and do not use baby products with nasty toxins on your baby, you will love EMAB. All of their products are organic and toxin free and rate zero in the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database. By the way, that database is a fabulous resource and you should check it out.

When I went on a rampage last year, eliminating everything that I considered unsafe from our baby care products, diaper creme was one of my main concerns. I ordered the highly recommended EMAB Bottom Balm and will never go back to the old cremes. A big plus is that it is safe for cloth diapers!

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  1. I use this too, I would drink this tea even if it didn't increase my supply, I lurve it! :D


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