Saturday, 13 November 2010

There's a Party in my City!

This last week was a light blogging week for me, because we went out of town to take B and the twinners to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, in Spokane, WA. Spokane is only a couple of hours away for us, but we decided to make a little mini-vacation of it, and went up Thursday, caught the 3:00 show on Friday and came back home afterwards.
If your family has a Gabba fan, you don't want to miss this show. I heard comedian Paul Scheer describe it as Mardi Gras for kids. He couldn't have described it better. Confetti was shooting from the stage. Thousands of balloons were falling from above. The excited squeals of hundreds of preschoolers was unreal. When Biz Markie came out to do Biz's Beat of the Day, I thought B might pee his pants. He was that excited. There was not a dull moment. B never looked away from the stage.

 I was a bit worried beforehand at how the babies would handle it. We've never taken them anywhere with so many people, or such loud noises and bright lights. L freaked out initially, but it only lasted a split second and then he was completely consumed by the show. A loved it, and swayed back and forth in the Baby Bjorn that my husband was wearing him in. He "danced" through the entire show. I love baby "dancing". I'll be so sad when he grows out of it, and like B refuses to dance if anyone might be watching. Maybe he won't.


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