Friday, 5 November 2010

Miracle Blanket Giveaway!

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to give away a Miracle Blanket! When the twins were little this was a lifesaver! You might remember my review of them Here. If you weren't with me then, go back and read the review. It's a fabulous product.

Miracle Blanket is running an awesome Miracle Fall Festival and is giving away 30 miracle blankets with 30 different blogs. I'm lucky enough to be one of those blogs!!! Enter here and be sure to check out some of the other participating blogs on Miracle Blankets Facebook page.

Here's how it is going to work:
Head over to facebook and "like" Miracle Blanket and then head to Twitter and follow Miracle Blanket. You must do both of those things to be eligible to win. Then, enter here by leaving a comment telling me your craziest/funniest/most desperate getting baby to sleep story. That's it!

I will chose a random winner with and the winner will be announced on Tuesday afternoon on Miracle Blankets Twitter and Facebook pages only. So keep your eye out there!

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way for this post. I received a sample for my review months ago, but nothing for this post. The prize will be shipped by Miracle Blanket and the winner will only be announced on their facebook and twitter pages. Ends 11/8/10 and is open to US and Canada residents only.


  1. I'm following Miracle Blanket on both FB and twitter.

    I've never had to soothe a babe to sleep, but I know when my babe arrives this coming March, I want every item or trick to get this baby to sleep (because I love my sleep too!). This blanket will definitely help keep my sanity during those first few months. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. I'm a follower!

    My baby is only 2.5 the craziest thing so far has only been to breastfeed her for 1.5 hours. Ooooouch :)

  3. I liked and Folowed!

    I never really did anything "crazy" to get my little one to sleep. But I did once go through every single song I knew the lyrics to (including some pearl jam) to see if any of them worked. Nothing. My kid's not big on singing hehe.

  4. I like them on Facebook and I follow them on Twitter. That's what led me here. :)

    Between both sides of the family we're expecting FOUR babies by next summer - This would make a great gift!

  5. I like them on Facebook & follow them on Twitter!

    I don't have any really crazy or funny stories but I came up with the most boring tune when I was trying to get my oldest to sleep when he was a few months old "Go to sleep, little boy, Mommy loves you so much!" and it worked. It is the most simplest boring song EVER and yet it has soothed all of my kids - go figure. lol.

    We are huge Miracle Blanket fans in this house. We are expecting our 4th baby in January and would love to win a new one! Our current MB is pink so it would be awesome to get a more boyish color! lol

    Thanks so much!

  6. an awesome product that I am now liking and following! My most frustrating moments were when this tiny baby who seemed so weak could bust out of the tightest swaddle I could do. Definitely getting the miracle blanket for my next baby!

  7. I like them on FB: Bekki Orr
    Following them on Twitter: @bekki1820cb

    My craziest story was actually recent with my toddler. He wouldn't go to sleep so I laid down with and told him he had to hold my hand because I was scared of the monsters. He held my hand and rubbed my back...and it soothed him to sleep!

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  8. i am a twitter and facebook follower of miracle blanket. here's a crazy story. I have not slept through a single night in over 12 years. i am expecting baby #6 now. Yep I have woken up about every hour on the hour for 12 years. Even if all my kids sleep for more than an hour my body is so used to waking up i automatically do. whenever I have a dream I always wake up and think "wow, I was sleeping long enough to odd!"

  9. I follow and like MB on Twitter and Facebook! I don't really have any crazy stories, besides that my first son took almost 2 years to sleep through the night and needed rocked to sleep for every nap and nighttime. I'm hoping my almost 3 month old will be better, but so far it's not looking like it!

  10. I gave up long ago. He sleeps when he sleeps lol
    like and following

  11. I follow Miracle Blanket on Facebook and Twitter.

    I think we've done everything but stand on our heads trying to get our little ones to sleep. I'm not sure I remember any funny ways we did, because we were so sleep deprived! :) I'd love this for baby #4! :)

  12. I follow them on FB and Twitter :)

    My only crazy is story is that my CRAZY 2 1/2 year old still doesn't sleep through the night. Her newborn baby brother is sleeping more than her! Go figure! Hoping to win one of these and maybe he'll be sleeping through the night in no time so I'll only have to be up with her :)

  13. I like them on fB and also follow on twitter @domesticgreen

    My craziest story is just walking up and down our house for hours and thinking I was going to go crazy - practically begging & pleading with her to fall asleep. I sat down and pigged out on some cake from my older daughters birthday and as I took huge bites of cake to keep me awake at night, my little one passed out in my arms! (and w/ my sugar rush, I now had a hard time falling asleep - lol!)

    jbuccigross at gmail dot com

  14. I can't really remember any crazy stories, except maybe walking with him outside on the porch to help calm him down. Baby #2 arrives in a few months, so I'm sure the memories will start flooding back then!

    I also follow on twitter and facebook.

  15. Sleep is important because I need it to function well. Without it people get irritable. Also babies need a good night's sleep, or they will be very irritable.

    When I was in training I had been up all night. I started to fall asleep while I was standing. Ha!
    I follow them on twitter(@donnak4) and liked them on facebook.


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