Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hygeia EnJoye Breastpump Review

When I was pregnant with the twins, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. I had some small concerns, as I knew it would be a totally different experience than it was with B Bear. I knew that supply issues could come up, and I wanted to have a professional quality breast pump on hand.

I was given the opportunity to review the Hygeia Enjoye and I'm so glad that I did. When the twins were born, nearly a year ago, I had such a proliferate supply that my freezer was packed full of breast milk. Then, in February the trouble began. Since then I have been dealing with an off and on battle of maintaining my supply. I have done a combination of things to bring it up and continue breastfeeding, including pumping regularly. I was so glad to have my Hygeia Enjoye on hand when things started to go down hill.

The Hygeia Enjoye breast pump is a professional-grade, electric/battery, double pump that is designed for long term, frequent pumping needs. It is the perfect solution for working mothers, or mothers with supply issues, like myself. While it is excellent for use as a double pump, it can also be used as a single pump if desired. It is easily portable and I love it for on-the-go pumping. The battery is rechargeable, so there is no need to replace it, and therefor less waste. I also love that all parts that come in contact with the milk are BPA and DEHP free.
I was very happy with my Hygeia pump. Unlike the hand-pump that I used with B, the Hygeia Enjoye was comfortable. It never hurt me or made me sore, and I have used it a lot. The speed and pressure controls make it very easy to customize to mimic your baby's suckling, as well as meet your comfort level. Compared to the Medela rental that I previously used, this was more productive and more comfortable. I also found it to be quieter.

Another feature that I love is that you can record your baby's cries and play them back to encourage let down. I recorded L's cry on it when he was only a few months old, and listening to it now brings tears to my eyes. I don't think that I will ever be able to update or change it. There is something so sweet about those tiny-baby cries, that is so different from big-baby crying. (not that I enjoy any know what I mean)

One thing that sets Hygeia apart from other breast pump companies, is that their breast pumps are green. How so? Most pumps on the market are only meant to be used by one mother. This is not the case for Hygeia. They design their pumps to be shared by multiple mothers. Each mother simply needs her own personal accessory set (contains all parts that touch either the mother, or her milk). Once you are finished using your Hygeia breastpump, and have no one to pass it to, follow their recycling directions to send it back to Hygeia and they will make sure that it does not end up in a landfill.

To get your own Hygeia Enjoye breast pump, visit to find a retailer near you, or order through Amazon here. To learn more follow Hygeia on Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for their mailing list.

I was not compensated in anyway other than receiving a pump to review. As always, this review is of my own honest opinions.


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