Thursday, 2 September 2010

WubbaNub Review

Some time ago I agreed to do a review for WubbaNub, and like all of my other reviews, it was put on the back burner until the summer craziness died down a bit. Today, I am delighted to introduce you to the cutest little binkies you will ever see.

WubbaNubs are adorable little plush animals sewn onto a Soothie brand pacifier. We were send the Yellow Duck to review and upon using it for a week or so, I promptly ordered another (the lion) so that both twins have their own. This makes it easy to distinguish which pacifier belongs to which baby.

Have you ever stopped everything to go on a binky hunt around your house? I know we have, and these make it so much easier. Since they have the stuffed animal attached, they are so much easier to find than your average binky. Another plus is that you are more likely to notice if you drop it when you are out and about. My boys love to spit out their pacifiers and play with them while they are in the stroller (or carrier) and we lose countless binkies over the side, never even noticing.

Another thing that I like about them are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free! Woot Woot! You can't beat that! WubbaNub puts safety first and strives to exceed the various safety standards for this type of product, in fact many NICU units and hospitals use them. They are also super easy to clean. Just pop them in a mesh bag (think delicates) and throw it in the washing machine and air dry. Easy Peasy!

They are also easier for baby to pick up and manipulate. As my little ones grew, they had an easier time getting these to their mouth than our other pacifiers.

I really and truly love these little suckers. (hehehe "suckers"...get it? Dork..yep, I know.) I love them so much that I ordered this little monkey for a dear friend who just welcomed a new addition to their family.

You can purchase WubbaNubs at boutique stores nation wide. They are also available through various online retailers, including

As always this review is written with my own honest opinions. I personally try out (or my kids do) every single item that I review. I was not compensated in anyway for this review, other than receiving a product to review.


  1. I'm curious ... how in the world do you sterilize the buddy??? And what about cleaning the stuff animal part .. how is that done?

  2. Sandy- It is so easy to clean. Just pop it in a mesh lingerie style bag and throw it through a gentle wash cycle in the washing machine. It washes the whole thing. I'm not a super sterilize everything kind of mama, so that is how I wash it. I also will wipe the binky part down with a bit of lightly soapy water if I feel the need.

    I guess, for the parents who insist on boiling or bleaching everything, this would not be a great purchase. However, I don't find that kind of "super germ free" way of life necessary at all, and personally believe that when over done can lead to unhealthy results.

  3. I have never seen these but both of my kiddos use soothies! We have spent countless hours looking for lost binkies. In fact, Brian had to make an emergency run to BRU just the other night for more binkies for Julia. She has lost so many of them and absolutely would not go to sleep without it. These are really cute-I'll have to order one!


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