Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Machine of My Dreams

This morning I was browsing one of my favorite sewing sites Sew Mama Sew. Unless you've been living on the moon, I'm sure you too have spent countless hours browsing on this site browsing the beautiful fabrics, looking at amazing projects, and adding to your never ending list of to-do projects. I noticed today, that as part of their Back to School promotion, they are hosting a giveaway for a brand spanking new Husqvarna Viking s21 serger. Holy Moly, do I need this machine. Today's blog post, explaining why I need this machine, is my official entry in their contest.

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start...yeah I'm a dork). About a year and a half ago, we started cloth diapering B and I fell in love with fitteds. I spent a pretty penny on some very fabulous, yet high priced diapers. Then one day I had a thought, "I can make these!". I thought about it more and decided that starting a diaper sewing business could be my way to afford to stay at home with my kids. I put together a business plan, put my measly savings into a business account, and received a small loan from my very supportive in-laws.

My first order of business was ordering a serger. Since I didn't have a lot of money to work with, I went with your bottom of the line 4 thread overlock machine. Don't get me wrong, this baby works alright for me. However after minimal use, she is starting to make some clunky mechanical noises from time to time. The big big downfall about Bertha (I like to name my machines), is that she doesn't offer a coverlock stitch. For those of you not in the know, a cover lock stitch is very common in clothing making.

I have made my little Bertha work for me thus far, but let me fill you in on the rest of the story. About the same time that I was starting my business, we found out that I was pregnant with the twins. I realized that it was even more important to find a second source of income, as our family was growing rapidly. However, a difficult pregnancy and loads of bed rest proved to be a great set back for the business. Since the babies birth, we have been struggling with various issues, including L's failure to thrive. My business has been nearly non-existent, until a few weeks ago. Little L started to gain, and the boys have started to take lengthy naps. I decided to go at it again at full force. In the last few weeks I've worked very hard at sewing up perfect samples and have successfully completed the process of joining the Very Baby seamstress club, meaning that I am now able to sew and sell diapers made from the Very Baby patterns.

Now that I am taking the dive to make my business a success, I could really use a reliable machine to help me on my journey. I am dedicated to making my work at home mommy business work out for myself and my family and this machine would help out a great deal. I would be happier and more confident in my work, and I believe that with a quality machine, I would be able to put my diapers together faster.

On another note, I am also making a lot of my sons clothing now, as it is a fabulous money saver. Being a mommy of three little ones on one income, has me utilizing every money saver I can think of. As I said before, my machine does not have a cover stitch. I've looked into it and the Husqvarna does have one! Boy would that make sewing my little one's clothing go faster and come out with a much more professional look and save time to boot! As a mom of multiples, I'm all about saving time. You can't see it very well, but in this pic of baby B, he is wearing a shirt that I made for him. Despite tucking in my serged tails, the hem is coming undone, and looks terrible because of the lack of cover stitch. Also, the neck piece was over stretched because of the feed of my machine and looks a bit off.

Also, since winning this machine would do wonders for my business and my home sewing, if I win I will be doing a couple of things.
1) Bertha (the current serger) will be donated to someone in need of one.
2) I will sew and donate 10 Very Baby fitteds to a charity, or charity auction.

Thank-you Sew Mama Sew for the chance.


  1. If I don't win I hope you do. I love the idea to donate some of your handmade items if you win. Good Luck!

  2. Hello! I'm your newest follower. I also plan to cloth diaper, attatchment parent, and babywear. When, of course, the baby actually ARRIVES. :)

  3. StitchesByJeni- That is so sweet of you to say. Thank-you.

    Jess- Thanks for checking out my little blog, and congrats on the impending arrival!


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