Tuesday, 29 June 2010

FAQ: What was in your NB twin cloth diaper stash?

Believe it or not, I am asked this all the time. I love this question. It tells me that more and more mamas are considering using cloth. So, here you have it, my NB diaper stash for twins.
Three Dozen Orange Edged Prefolds from GMD, 10 KLOs, Four Drybees gone natural, 2 Newborn Bububebe fitteds, First class baby fitted, and green wahm mosaic moon fitted.

6 Sposoeasy XS, 12 BG 3.0 xs, 3 Magicalls S (I do NOT like these diapers), one chunky monkey aio. And the diapers in the right photo are all made by me: One daribums aio (not a fan of this pattern), one trimsies aio (LOVE this pattern), 3 fitteds.

Covers: 8 Bummis XS Superbites, two thirsties duo stage 1, Peas and carrots set preemie sized from olive janes. Wool: Longies from top to bottom: Dragonfly longies crocheted by me with pattern from here, two pairs of NB longies with Mosaic moon woodland tale and birthday boy colorways, knit by Mary's Little Knits. Blue/grey pair by HappyBumBaby, and the last pair I bought used and have no clue where they came from. Sock monkey longies hooked by Mr. And Mrs. Wooly Pants, sage green shorties crocheted by me with the honeysuckle soaker pattern from Here, and two unknown preemie soakers sent to me from a friend of mine.

Also, not pictured were a dozen WAHM preemie fitteds. We used these for about a month.

Now that I am through the NB stage, here is what I would recommend as a great nb stash for twins:
36 XS aios (both BG and sposoeasy are great)
12 fitteds (I liked all of them except the KL0s, these were not great for us)
6 wool covers
diaper sprayer (although poop from EBF babies can go straight in the wash)
Two wet bags
4 dozen cloth wipes and wipes solution

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  1. I am pregnant with twin boys - and have a TON of questions regarding cloth diapering. We have started a stash (so far we have 6 BG Freetimes but they are one size). I am overwhelmed with all the options, and how many of each items we will need - please email me with any suggestions at ala0328@gmail.com

    Thank you!!!


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