Friday, 18 June 2010

Fancy Fabric Fridge Frames

So father's day is literally right around the corner and as always, I'm a bit behind. I've racked my brain and why on earth is it that men are so very difficult to shop (or create) for? In my search for a great father's day gift I saw an etsy listing for some really cute little fabric covered picture frames that had magnets on the back and stick to your fridge. So, of course instead of ordering one, I decided to whip up a few on my own. They are super easy and there is no sewing involved! Here's the tutorial:

  1. Find a frame and trace it onto a piece of sturdy cardboard. If you don't have a frame to trace, use a ruler to create an outline in any dimensions that you like. Just make sure that the hole in the middle is big enough to see your photo, but not too big.
  2. Cut it out...simple! I used a box cutter and it worked great!
  3. This is optional, but I find that a little bit of heavy weight fabric between the cardboard and the pretty fabric makes for a better finished product. So, I used an old towel and cut it into strips. Using a hot glue gun, I attached them to the frame.
  4. Now, cute your pretty fabric a bit larger than your frame. Put it pretty side down on the table and trace the photo opening onto the fabric. Cut a small rectangle in the center of it and clip slits toward the inside corners of the frame. Don't clip too far. You can adjust it as you go. Oh No! You are seeing my sposies box! Don't you go assuming things now, this was just the box that some hand-me-down baby clothes came in. I'm still all about the cloth. :)
  5. With the towel side of the frame down against the wrong side of your fabric, very carefully pull the edges of fabric around and hot glue them to the cardboard. I did one side at a time, inside of the frame first and then the outer side. Make sure to pull it tight and to smooth out any wrinkles as you go. It doesn't have to look pretty on the back at this point...we will get there. When you get to the corners, fold and pull the fabric around them to get the look you want and hot glue it down.
  6. Find a picture you love and dam a teensy tiny bit of hot glue on one of the corners, just to keep it held in place. Be careful with this step. I somehow managed to burn myself here. :(
  7. Cut a piece of card stock to fit over the back of your frame to cover the messiness. I made mine a little smaller than the frame so that the backing didn't have a chance to peek over the sides. And, you guessed it- Hot glue the sucker down.
  8. And Holy Smokes, we are almost done. Next, (I'm sure you guessed it) hot glue some little magnets onto the back corners. Make sure to use strong enough magnets to hold up your frame.

Now turn that baby over, and look at what you made! What do you think? Will Daddy/Grandpa like it? What a way upcycle cardboard and use up some scraps from your stash!


  1. Oh! How cute these frames are. I really love it. I will definitely give this DIY idea a try. Thanks a lot for sharing the steps on how to do it.


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