Sunday, 2 May 2010

4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub

I am so pleased to introduce you all to this great company. 4moms was actually started by two men in 2005. They wanted to get into the juvenile market and put together a focus group of four moms. It was so successful, and they gave such great input and expertise that the moms became the face of the company. Between them they have 13 kids, which includes 3 sets of twins! You gotta love multiples! Their products are amazing. They have thought of everything and since the products are designed based on direct feedback from real moms, there really isn't much to complain about.

I was lucky enough to review their Cleanwater infant tub. I had never put much thought this, but if you think about it, babies sit in diapers all day long. When you bathe them, the water gets dirty and they sit in that dirty bath the entire time. Also, most baby baths do not keep the water warm for very long. The Cleanwater tub solves both of those problems. The water can freely flow from the faucet, into the tub, and out the side. It makes for a warm and clean bath experience for baby. There is also a reservoir of clean water to use to rinse your baby with. If you have a baby that hates bath time, this might be your answer. Also, it has another really great feature, a built in thermometer. It tells you the temperature and also has a great system where if the display is green, the temperature is warm and safe. If the display is blue, it is too cold. If it's red, you have it too hot. If it gets dangerously hot, an alarm sounds.
Here is a diagram I put together to show how the water flows in and out.

So, we've used the tub multiple times now and here is what I have to say about it. This is great for moms of multiples. I hate, hate, hate having to prepare a bath, bathe one baby, and prepare the bath all over again. This takes out the step of preparing it all over again and saves me time a energy. I always say that anything that makes the day of a twin mama a little bit easier is well worth it. This is true for this tub. I really like the thermometer feature. All baby tubs should have a built in thermometer, don't you think? It's a great safety feature. Another big plus for this is that it fit very will in our sink, but it also comes with an adapter in case it doesn't fit. My babies enjoy bathing in it, and I've mentioned before that they are not happy bathers.

The one thing about this tub is that is uses a ton of water. We've fashioned a way to collect the pour out water to use on the lawn since we don't use anything in the bath water that would hurt plants.

Here's A enjoying his bath.

4moms also makes a few other products that are really fabulous. They just debuted their MamaRoo pictured below. It's designed to mimic the bounce and sway motion that parents commonly do. It also has a setting to mimic a car ride. Why hasn't someone thought of this earlier? It's pure genius! I'm also in love with their stroller, the origami. It is a full sized single stroller that folds up to be super compact. It is just super cool all around. You really should check it out. Be sure to visit 4moms and take a look at their products. You can purchase the Cleanwater infant tub online at and other retailers.

As always this is an honest review full of my own opinions. I was not compensated in any way other than receiving tub to review.

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  1. that makes a lot of sense. and i especially like the reservoir. i can see how it would be a big pain to refill that with 2 babies.


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