Friday, 2 April 2010

For the Love of Flats!

My latest diaper purchase was a 3 pack of birdseye flats from Green Mountain Diapers. They cost me a whopping $3. I've always been curious about how they work, and there is something appealing about the simplicity of them. I learned to fold them and I'm glad to say they work great....and they are so trim. I never knew!

If you felt like using them, you could diaper from birth to potty super cheap! Let's say you bought:
3 dozen small flats($12/dozen)=$36
3 dozen large flats($15/dozen)=$45
3 Snappis =$7.55
3 Size 1 Thirsties Duo covers ($12.25/each)=36.75
3 Size 2 Thirsties Duo covers ($12.25/each)=36.75
For a grand total of: $162.05 ($324.10 for twins)
WOW...that's some super savings!

So, now let me show you how to use them! Enjoy my picture tutorial!
Lay out your flat on the ground completely unfolded. Baby L is on the flat to show you the size.
Fold it in half by bringing the bottom up.
Fold it in half again the other way.
Now, this part is tricky to explain. Grab that top right corner and pull it to the left. It should look like this.
OK! Now flip the whole sucker over.
Take the left "squared" part and trifold it, so that it ends fairly centered.
Now plop your baby on the diaper like so.
Bring the bottom part up.
Fold the sides over and adjust them as needed. Apply a snappi (or pins if you are braver than I)and Voila! Diapered Baby!
And...because two is more fun than one....
Oh...almost forgot, put covers on those babies. Flats are not water proof...obviously I don't need to tell you that! Here they are sporting wool covers made by me. :)
See! Now wasn't that easy!


  1. Oh my gosh they are getting so big & have changed so much!! What cute diaper butts they have :)

  2. Great post! I never knew how to use flats. I just decided to branch out and try prefolds... I avoided them for so long, thinking they'd be too difficult and too much trouble, but they are so simple! I started questioning why I spent so much money on other cloth diapers! lol!
    One question for you- how absorbent are the flats? Do you use a soaker with them or anything? I've always thought they wouldn't hold much. Just curious!

  3. Good for you, using the flat diapers of old. I used them for all 4 children, and they were easy to wash, inexpensive, and if you needed more absorbency, you could just add another diaper before folding, or fold one in the tri-fold method, like you demonstrated, and put it on top of the first diaper before you put the diaper on the baby. It's called double diapering!

  4. earthlymama- I haven't had any absorbancy issues yet with them. They do seem thinner, but you can either double them up or fold up another one (like you would trifold a prefold and stick it in a cover) and stick in on top of your already folded diaper. I think that would be super absorbant for those super soakers out there.

  5. Good job, mama! They look complicated to me! I have a few flats but we've been using them as burp cloths.

  6. Do you think they would work well as a cloth diaper? How did they work with your wool soaker? I just made a soaker for DD and she wets threw it with just a prefold, so I have to put a microfiber insert in it which makes it big. I hope to get some other inserts beside microfiber as I hear they get smelly.

  7. Do you think these would work for night time? How do they work with your wool? I had to add an insert to DD's prefold when I started using wool and sometimes poop gets out the leg when I do this. Do you think they would work and not leak with wool for a pretty heavy wetter. (the wool was a knitted soaker I made)

  8. Sorry about the post under DH's name I didn't realize he was still logged into g-mail. I didn't realize this until after the fact but it didn't look like it posted so I made almost the same comment with my account.

  9. worries Genevieve. I have used them at night once and I put an insert in it to add some extra protection. It worked fine. I also used a thirsties duo wrap at night instead of wool. The wool is working great for day time use though.


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