Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holy Moley!

I feel that this blog is losing it's focus. I've accepted so any review and giveaway ops that I am losing my content. While I love to share products that I love with you and give you chances to win them for yourself, I really want to blog more about life with my three boys, eco-friendly changes, gardening, crafts, etc.

Also, I started the plastic free kitchen challenge and it has gotten away from me. A lot of things have been going on with me lately and I've been stretched pretty thin.

Here's my plan:
  • I will finish up with all of the reviews and giveaways that I have lined up...one every day if I can manage it (except Wednesdays).
  • I will from here on out be limiting the reviews that I accept because my content is more important to me.
  • I will re-start the plastic free kitchen challenge soon, and follow through with it.
  • I am going to start blogging my weekly plans for meals and activities. (which means that I will start being more organized)
  • I will start having "Wordless Wednesday" immediately.
Now about my past giveaways
I have had a few emails this week from various winners that have not received their items/ and or have had not been contacted by the company. If you are a previous winner and have not received your item please let me know asap and I will work with the sponsor to correct the problem. Mix-ups happen.
Where have I been?
Well, in short I've been busy. I am giving breastfeeding a good fight. It has been so hard lately. They take more and more formula and less and less breast milk. I've been concentrating on nursing them and not much else.
It's going okay, they are down to only one or two 4 oz bottles, each per day. However, I am so consumed by it. I have one touchy little boy that will not tandem nurse. He will only nurse if I lay on my bed (not anywhere else), on my left side (never the other breast), with something behind his back for support, and in a dark and silent room while being gently patted on the bottom. Sheesh kiddo!!!!! This is nearly impossible in my house. It gives B-Bear ample time to dump rice all over the kitchen floor or bring every toy out of his room and pile it up in the hall. Can you say exhausted mommy?!?

So the whole process goes like this: Nurse baby L for about 20 mins on left side. 40 mins later nurse baby A on right side for 20 mins. Repeat every 40 mins. I'm trying so hard to keep up, and still provide B-bear with tons of fun activities and attention, but it is draining...and as you can imagine my house is an absolute disaster (and no-I'm not just saying that).

On another note, my little ones are growing so fast. Here are few pictures stuck in my post from the month.....and gotta go. My 40 mins is up.


  1. I am very excited to read your meal plans for each week. We need new ideas around here. I love reading your blog-I don't know how you keep it up with 3 little ones! Thinking of you during your breastfeeding fight :) I've been there (though not with two!) and it is not fun.

  2. We can absolutely team up! =) You have so much going on. Take care of your little boys. We will be here. I need to work on activities for my toddler as well.


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