Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Speesees, Organic Adorableness at it's Best

In my search for organic baby care items, I came across Speesees. Speesees is a shop full of absolutely adorable organic cuteness. I contacted them and they were so kind to send me a Harmonize Bath Set and an adorable Speesees Friend to review.

Let's start off with the bath set. It included a super soft hooded towel and wash cloth. The towel is made of 100% organic interlock cotton and a terry backside. The "harmonize" image is so sweet and calming. It makes me feel peaceful. I also love that the towel is so soft, yet still thick enough to be super absorbent. I have never been able to understand why most hooded baby towels are so thin. If you hate thin useless towels, you will love Speesees towels. It is also generously sized and would probably still work on my toddler.The wash cloth is also a great size and I've even used it as a burp rag.

Now on to our new little friend. First off, it smells so good! Instead of crummy old polyfil, this little guy is stuffed with lentils and lavender. It's so cute and soft, made of organic sherpa cotton, that your little one...wait. Scratch that. You will want to snuggle on up to him and fall asleep. My toddler loves running around with it and it really sparks his imagination. When it first came, he told us it was an elephant and ran around making trumpet noises and waving his arm in the air, like a trunk. Yesterday it was a puppy: "Buppy mommy, Buppy. Woof!". It's seriously too cute, and it's one toy I feel good about him playing with.

Speesees has a fabulous mission. Their mission is to be fair in everything they make, the way they conduct business + the baby steps they take towards creating a more sustainable future for the animal, plant, and human "speesees" on our children's planet. You can feel good about supporting such a company.

Speeses has so much more to offer. I suggest checking out the web site and looking at all of their different products. They even have some things for grown-ups. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Here are a couple of other things that I'm drooling over:

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  1. Looks like a great site. I just visited Speesees. Nice stuff!
    I like your blog! I am following your blog now!


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