Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day 3, Plastic Free Kitchen Challenge

I'm making some progress. I decided to start by changing our kid dishes and cups. I had been using Take n Toss Plastic silverware (and reusing it, not tossing them) and plastic plates that I got for a buck at Walmart. We have a ton of Gerber sippy cups. I pulled all of those things out and put them in a box.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered 3 Safe Sippys from Jillian's Drawers for ten bucks a piece. Apparently they are switching to a new version and you can pick up the original version for a steal. I wouldn't pay more than $10. Jillians Drawers is out of them now, but you can still find them Here. I've been managing with just the 3, which is a big change from how many sippys we were using before. I think that when the twins are at that stage, I'll probably order a couple more.

For plates I ordered Kidishes from B.Granola, a super cute little shop that I came across. I got 8 plates and 4 bowls. I was a bit skeptical at how well glass dishes would work for B-Bear. He has been known to chuck his dishes across the room. So far these are holding up amazingly and are way classier looking than the old plastic ones we were using. I actually was sure they were broken when they arrived because UPS sure did a number on the box, but they were not disturbed in the least.

There are a couple of things I'm having trouble with. I thought maybe my readers would have some good ideas.
  • Garbage Bags...I could always use paper, but that's no good either.
  • Saran Wrap, It's so convenient to use to cover casserole dishes, unfinished lunches, etc.
What are you having trouble with? Maybe together we can find some solutions.


  1. How about using bio bags? They are made from corn and other natural products and are compostable (degrade in 3 days in the compost) and come in a variety of sizes. You can find them at They are pretty expensive, but probably well worth the price.

  2. Instead of saran wrap, most of the time I use shower caps. I save them when I go to hotels, and you can also get big packs of them at the Dollar Tree. I reuse them until the elastic gives out. And anyway, they're so much easier to use than saran wrap!

  3. Why do you need garbage bags? If you could get the trash can outside you could dump in the curbside can it then bring it back inside for a quick rinse in the tub (or garden hose?) to get rid of leftover goo. If you did that often it might work. I may try to see how I like it. I am trying to get away from purchasing disposable items.


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