Saturday, 20 February 2010

Coughing, and Wheezing, and Sneezing Oh My

It all started out with a runny nose and it's turned into bronchitis for the twins. It's such a bummer since we've spent the last three and a half months practically on house arrest. The twins never go out unless it's to the pediatrician. I pretty much only get out to go grocery shopping and I wipe down my cart with anti-bac wipes like there is no tomorrow. We wash our hands a thousand times a day and sterilize everything.

What's the big "house arrest" fuss all about? Well, my boys were born five weeks premature. They spent some time in the NICU, where we were educated about the evils of RSV and H1N1. We were told to keep them at home, to avoid group gatherings, and to keep them away from any other children (except B-Bear) for 6 months-the end of RSV/Flu season. So we do this. We missed the big family Christmas celebration in Leavenworth WA, where the whole extended family stayed together in a giant luxury cabin. We have close friends that have not met our babies because they can't come over with their children. It's a sacrifice, but it is for the well being of our children.

So back to this bronchitis thing. It's really not the end of the world and is simple enough to treat. We just use a nebulizer with Albuterol every 4-6 hours and it should clear up within 3-4 days time. I feel bad for my little stuffy babies, but thank God it's not RSV. I count myself lucky there.

On another note, I couldn't find a last minute babysitter to watch B-Bear while I took the twins to the doctor. I had to take all three by myself. It worked out so much better this time than last time. (last time multiple people told me that they felt sorry for me) I used my Ergo to carry B-Bear on my back and pushed the twins in the double snap n go. This will be my method from now on. It was great except that B-Bear thought that licking the back of my neck was absolutely hilarious. I was not amused.


  1. Oh Jennifer........
    Love, Jenny

  2. Oh how I wish that I could be there to help. MoM

  3. If you're ever in desperate need again, just give me a call! Playdate! :) As long as my kiddos are well at least!

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