Friday, 8 January 2010

Pudding Finger Painting

As a mama of 3 under 2, and a breastfeeding mama I find myself constantly telling little B Bear, "Just a minute honey. Mamas feeding the babies." I swear that I say this 50 times a day. I'm a human dairy! It's all I do. Anyhow, this has been really stressing me out lately and I've been trying extra hard to plan special activities for B Bear and I to do together. Today we had a blast fingerpainting with pudding! (which was great because he always wants to taste the finger paints) Check it out:

You need one box of Instant Pudding. We used white chocolate flavor because it's just so yummy! Make sure to get a white colored pudding or else it may not take the dye as well.
Mix according to package directions. Pour a little bit of pudding into a few small containers.
Add a couple drops of food dye to each container.
Mix it up!
And paint!!!!
Now enjoy your time with your toddler and then clean up the mess.


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