Monday, 25 January 2010

Moby Wraps, A Must-Have For Every Mama (Coupon Code!!!)

First of all, let me just say that I love my Moby wrap. As a mother of infant twins and a toddler I rarely get the luxury of having a free hand. That is, unless the babies are in the Moby. I have no idea how I would manage to accomplish anything if it weren't for my Moby. It makes my life easier and as crazy as my life is lately, anything that makes it easier is worth my time and money. This is the one thing that I recommend that every twin mama has. Get it before the babies get here so you can use it right away. And YES these pictures show both babies in the wrap at the same time!!! I'm telling you twin mamas, it is a small price to pay for your sanity.

What is it? The Moby wrap is a versatile and comfortable wrap style baby carrier. It's a long piece of cotton knit fabric that wraps around you in a certain way and ties to secure the baby, or babies to you.

Ease Of Use: I will admit, it look intimidating and I did have some difficulty figuring it out at first. After a few minutes in front of a mirror with the instruction manual I had it figured out. Once you take the time to learn how to use it, it is easy to do. It's important to do this so that you are using it safely and properly. I can do all of the carry positions with no trouble, except that for the back carry with the toddler, I feel like I might drop him in the process and I need my husband to help me get him on.

Comfort and Fit: While other carriers I have tried are hard on my shoulders or back, the Moby seems to distribute the weight better by the way it's wrapped and it's comfortable enough for me to wear for an hour or two...maybe even longer if I wanted to. I use it to do chores, play with the toddler, cook, just have a moment for myself (well kind of), and anything else you can imagine. I also love the fit. I'm only 5 foot 1 and it fits me wonderfully. My husband also found it comfortable and enjoyed wearing it.

Overall: This is a great carrier and a product that all moms of twins should use. There are tons of options between the original Moby and Moby D. No matter what your style, you are sure to find a look that you like. It is the most versatile carrier that I know of and can be used for one child of for twins and can carry preemies to 35 lbs. The company also has excellent customer service, which is always a plus.

Thank-you Moby Wraps for sending me this beautiful carrier to review.

The great people at Moby have been kind enough to offer a discount code to my readers. Use code: onceupon at now through February 10th to receive 15% off your purchase!

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  1. I loved my home-made moby wrap, and I'm sure I would have loved a 'real' moby wrap that much more!!


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